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Central X for KLWP

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Central X is a Kustom Theme made for those who want to impress and show off their beautiful phones with a premium quality design.With a focus on gorgeous visuals and a minimal, yet functional take on the classic homescreen, Central X will be sure to make you fall in love every time you unlock your device.
General notes/how to use:
- "KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro" must be installed in order to fully utilize this theme.
- This theme uses three homescreen pages (with the center one being the main page). Adding/removing pages may break animations/functions.
- This theme is optimized for users of Nova Launcher Prime, using other launchers may change the themes appearance and/or performance.
I want to change the wallpaper to whatever I want. How do I do this?
- I'm glad you asked. Here's how:
- Open KLWP
- Go to the "BACKGROUND" tab, located to the right of the "ITEMS" tab.
- On "Type", choose whether you want an image or a solid color as your background.
- Assuming you're choosing "Image", you should now be presented with a new menu called "Bitmap". Click on "Pick image" and you should be able to pick whatever image you feel like as your wallpaper.
Settings used for Nova Launcher:Desktop App Grid: 7x5Icon Size: 100%Width and Height: SmallEndless Scrolling: OffNo page indicatorScreen Transion Animation: Simple (The first one)Wallpaper Scrolling: EnabledIcon Pack: "Flight"
Really hope you'll enjoy this theme. A lot of heart and thought went into designing it. :)Leave a review and rate my theme! I LOVE feedback, good or bad!
Also, thanks to Reddit user "tarvoplays" for some great suggestions for update 1.2.